4 Examples of Great Product Design on Kickstarter

Published on: November 28, 2014

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One of greatest things about the internet, is that it’s a platform to share things for the entire world to see. In particular, the internet is excellent for viewing great examples of product design. Like never before we have immediate access to some of the most cutting edge designs from around the world. This means our eyes are open to all kinds of great product design. And Kickstarter is an excellent place to find it. Below we look at 4 examples of great product design on the website.

Banggood.com INT


An ultra-slim, lightweight, fold-up keyboard which will wirelessly pair with your iPhone, iPad and Android devices, the myType is designed for those who constantly work whilst on the go.

Using wireless Bluetooth technology, the keyboard will fold up comfortably and conveniently to fit in your pocket. Whilst Micro USB charging, weeks of battery life and a splash resistant, durable design means the keyboard is incredibly versatile. Find out more here.

Pebble E-Watch

Long before the Apple Watch came the Pebble E-Watch, a Kickstarter funded smartwatch. Built for the 21st century, the Pebble is compatible with both iOS and Android and brings with it heart rate monitoring, exercise tracking, alerts for incoming calls, emails and text messages, music control, a cycle computer, a golf rangefinder and much, much more. Customisable with a range of apps, the Pebble E-watch is an example of great design. Find out more here.

Blossom: The Smart Watering Controller

Adding technology to the garden and giving you a smart and economical solution to the problem of water wastage, Blossom: The Smart Watering Controller allows you to control your sprinklers with your smartphone and automate them with real-time weather data.


Using weather intelligence, this Wi-Fi equipped outdoor device pulls in data from multiple weather forecast services and constantly makes adjustments to provide you with a highly accurate and localised watering plan. Let the device know exactly what plants you have in your garden and it will adjust the watering accordingly. Find out more here.

Monkii Bars

A CNC machined project that started on Kickstarter but has now made its way to Good Morning America, MSN, AOL, Yahoo and The Huffington Post, the Monkii Bars bring a whole new concept to fitness. Portable and minimalist, this lightweight suspension training tool allows you to work out just about anywhere, both indoors and outdoors.

Inspired by the concept of old-school monkey bars, the Monkii bars are completely self-contained units that store 18 feet of suspension line and can be set up in less than a minute, allowing you to perform all kinds of advanced resistance exercises wherever you may be.
Find out more here.

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