Air Combat USA

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Air Combat USA is dedicated to offering the incredible and never-imagined fighter pilot experience. Their patented tracking system verifies your air to air preys and comes with an integrated high quality camera system to capture the entire experience for later use. Actual military grade fighters are flown by the participants enrolled in the program alongside licensed pilots in the cockpit. The Phase I Basic Air Combat Maneuvers program boasts a duration of about three hours or so and will require the client to be engaged in five or six aerial combats. The Fighter Lean-In program is six hours long and offers a much more advanced level of combat and aerial maneuvers.

The Top Gun Challenge package creates a competitive environment among you and 9 of your friends. The basic program costs $1,395 per person while the Fighter Lean-In program is worth $2,095 and the Top Gun Challenge costs $13,950 for 10 people.

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