Carbon Flyer: Your Phone Controlled Plane


The idea of being able to control a toy plane with your phone is interesting all on its own. Combine that thought with the concept of a plane made entirely from carbon fiber, and you’re going to have something special. The Carbon Flyer is one of the most unique flying gadgets to come along in ages. With its range of features, as well as an impressive level of attention to both design and engineering, this could be the ultimate flying experience you’ve been waiting for.

How Carbon Flyer Works
Aesthetically-speaking, the Carbon Flyer just looks cool. Take it out of the box for its first flight, and it’s just going to keep you impressed from start to finish.


One of the first things about the Carbon Flyer that is going to impress you is the ease-of-use. As mentioned before, the plane will be controlled by your phone. You are going to find a straightforward, intuitive control scheme. What this means is that even if you are not someone who has a ton of experience with remote control flyers, you can almost certainly pick up and enjoy this product. It’s fun, easy to use, and extremely durable.

The fact that it is so durable is another crowning feature. You can thank the fact that the Carbon Flyer is the first plane ever made entirely from carbon fiber materials for that. This means that even if you crash the plane, and this is almost certainly going to happen, you’re not going to have to worry about the plane exploding on impact. This thing is designed to roll with the punches. Bluetooth connectivity is available, as well as an on-board HD camera.

Advantages Of Carbon Flyer
The Carbon Flyer can be enjoyed with a friend or family member, as easily as you can enjoy it on your own. This is the next generation of RC flyers.