Cellrobot – Advanced Modular Robotics Kit



CellRobot is the innovative new technology initiated by the CellRobot team. You can create the CellRobot with your own choice of design, as well as control it directly from your smartphone. It is an advanced custom modular robot, which is capable of adapting any form that you would enforce on it.

It comprises of the complete consumer robotics kit, which permits you to figure your own robot yourself. It is considered to be complicated by some people as the new feature added in it allows you to try different movements and functions. Until now, the production of robots was confined to the research scientific labs, but CellRobot is accessible to clients.

Build it Your Own Way:

As mentioned earlier, the CellRobot would adopt the shape and figure that you would want to give it. The robotics kit is composed of robotic cells which can be drawn together into a wide variety of different forms of robots. This versatility is possible because each of the robotic cells is comprised of a 360 degree angle sensor, servo motor, and microcontroller, which enables it to adapt particularly any angle that is made easier by the presence of the round snap joint system.

The Main Components:

The CellRobot consists of different components which are responsible for the performance of the device. The following are the main components of the CellRobot:

1.     The Heart:

The heart is the power supply of the CellRobot. It connects your cellphone to the robot using Bluetooth, and can get connected to Wi-Fi as well.

2.     Cells:

The modular cells of the CellRobot are connected to the heart and the other cells with any one of the eight connectors on the surface of the robot. These cells are responsible for the custom design and shape of your robot.

3.     Vision:

Attach a wide angle lens camera to give your robot eyes and vision. It would send pictures or videos to your cellphone directly. The vision of the CellRobot can transmit 30 frames in one second with the prophecy of 640 x 480 pixel resolution.

4.     Wheel:

The wheels on the robot give it motion and the freedom to move around. The wheels can be attached to any of the single snap joint present on the robot.


The CellRobot is intended to be as simple as possible so as to provide flexibility to the people.