Dexmo: Touch the Digital World – a State of the Art Exoskeleton


While the evolution and development of augmented reality will create a new paradigm for the digital world, the Dexmo is already poised to create another paradigm marking a different form of evolution of the digital world vis-à-vis reality.

Augmented reality attempts to blend the digital world onto the real world and Dexmo does exactly the opposite. It takes the real world into the digital or virtual world. Dexmo is essentially an exoskeleton in the shape of the human hand, or close. It can be worn like a glove with the distinct difference being that it is more of a robotic hand that the likes of Iron Man would wear. Armed with sensors, controllers and real time connectivity with the virtual world, the Dexmo empowers normal people, from artists to surgeons, to bring in robotics for a multitude of purposes.


At its basics, Dexmo is a simple device but a great deal of fun. You can wear it and have your hand projected for real in the virtual world. You can move your fingers, thumbs, the entire hand and you can indulge in all normal gestures that a hand is capable of and all these would be replicated by your digital hand which can be projected in any computing system, even a smart phone.

Dexmo has the potential to change the gaming and entertainment industry, it can play a significant role in manufacturing and there are innumerable innovative ways to use the exoskeleton. From research to testing in labs, creating designs digitally to simply playing a virtual piano, Dexmo can be used in more ways than what can be presently imagined. While imagination is the key to utilize Dexmo beyond its original intended purposes, the exoskeleton itself is ready. It is not just in the prototype phase but it has been assessed to be deemed fit for manufacturing. Plenty of tech prototypes, especially in robotics, are not suitable for manufacturing, either on mass scale or as a niche. That is not the case with Dexmo which has been designed bearing in mind the challenges of manufacturing.

Dexmo is also going to be an affordable gadget due to the reasonable sensors and materials being used. But that doesn’t imply Dexmo would be a fragile gadget. It is as hardy as it should be while remaining flexible for hand movements. Dexmo is the next step to bring robotics into the real world, for everyone.