Enjoy Indoor Flight Adventures with Snowstorm


Everyone wants to fly like a bird. It was the same yearning that led to the development of airplanes. It was the same urge and desire that created unrest in the lives of ancient Greeks. The modern day man also wants to fly without going through the turmoil of being inside a pressurized hairspray container. But the laws of mechanics and physics dictate that gliding through the skies seamlessly is not a piece of cake. However, a group of students at the National University of Singapore are working hard to make the lifelong dream of humankind a reality.


For this purpose, the NUS students are building an aircraft called Snowstorm with its design principles drawn from the existing drones. It boasts an octagonal frame and motors are fitted at the points giving it the required lift. It is able to perform Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL). Powered by three batteries, the aircraft can carry a payload of 150 pounds and hover and fly in the air for about 8 minutes or so.

Enjoy Indoor Flight Adventures with Snowstorm
Of course, this is certainly not a gadget you would like to own as your office transport. But the NUS students are working on a few prototype features. Taking off and landing seamlessly is not an easy task and currently the project is being carried out indoors. We have to keep our fingers crossed, folks! They are only students and we’ll have to wait till they get real jobs to see what they come up with.

Do you want to fly?

The snowstorm is not a commercial product or even a consumer product. But it is a great evidence of the fact that the modern day drones can be enhanced and transformed into effective means of transportation. Moreover, as motors improve, the size batteries gets compact, lighter in weight and they are able to provide more power, we should see Snowstorm engaged in outdoor flights soon enough. Human beings are making their best possible efforts to soar through the skies without requiring help from the expensive airliners.

Enjoy Indoor Flight Adventures with Snowstorm Front

The Snowstorm is a thing of the future for sure and we will be keeping a close eye on it. Read more amazing stories on Drones here.