Fontus: the Miracle Water Bottles


When you are miles away from home, set on a track to an adventure of a lifetime, the last thing you would want is to run out of water. Opening your water bottle and seeing nothing more than a drop or two of water in it, can be an overwhelming and anxious situation for adventurers.
To go on an adventure and enjoying yourself, rather than struggling to find water is what most of us would want. However, are you sure that you will find a source of water to refill your water bottle at every inch and corner of your adventure spot? No? Than what you need is a miracle.
Fontus is a young company, who have developed a product, which can be one of the most useful things created, for adventurers and travel enthusiasts – Fontus Airo and Fontus Ryde. These miraculous, self-refilling water bottles are the new high in the tech world. However, what is so different about these water bottles? Let us find out.
Fontus Airo:
The Fontus Airo plays a major role in keeping your water supply topnotch, while you enjoy the wonders of nature, regardless that you are hiking, sailing or mountain climbing. With an extremely lightweight design and sleek look, it saves you the trouble of finding the next river to maintain your water supply.
How Does It Work?
The Fontus Airo captures the moisture, which is in the air, processes and condenses it and changes it into safe and drinkable water. The small fan fitted in this bottle draws the air, runs it through a filter to rule out all the unhygienic components and then further send it into a condensation chamber. If that water has been kept for long, you can use the pills in the lower chamber of the bottle to re-mineralize and make the water drinkable once again.
USB charger for phones etc.
Easy to carry and eco-friendly.
Sleek and classy design and the ability to store a large capacity of water.
Fontus Ryde:
Have you ever been on a bicycle trip in the hills? Do know what it’s like when you run out of water and do not find it for hours? Fontus have recognized this problem and have come up with an efficient water bottle, made especially for a bicycle.
How Does It Work?

The Fontus Ryde uses the same process to process and condense the surrounding air into drinkable and fresh mineral water. However, in place of a fan, the streamline of air you gather while riding a bike, pressers all the air into the condensation chambers, further processing it into water. Similarly, the still water can be re-mineralized by the special capsules in the lower chamber.
Easily fits in your back pack or bicycle.
It uses the solar power to refill, and is eco-friendly.
It is compact, easy to carry and provides you with a classy layout.
The Final Verdict:
Fontus have identified the need of water whenever you are on an adventure, and produced gadgets to fulfil that need. Hence, if you are an adventure seeker and a travel enthusiast, having a Fontus gadget in your inventory is worth the effort.