Fortis Exoskeleton That Provides Superhuman Strength


Humans always wanted to build larger, bigger things and the pyramids, as well as the skyscrapers are certainly pride examples of the human resilience as well as great engineering ideas that our species has. However, the power of a person is limited, so having a tool to aid the human in any activity, especially those that involve heavy lifting for example is very important. This is how the idea of creating an exoskeleton came into play.

Lockheed Martin is one of the first developers in this world that successfully managed to create and implement such a device which successfully helps people carry large items and objects without suffering from muscle fatigue. This one of a kind tool is set to solve many problems such as hernia for example, problems that appear more and more especially in the industrial sector.

Fortis Exoskeleton Features

The Fortis exoskeleton is built as a response to all these problems and it provides all the flexibility, user strength and endurance that a person needs in order to lift any type of heavy objects. It might not be the things you saw in movies like Terminator for example, but we are clearly getting there. The neat thing about this device us that despite its heavy look it actually provides an ergonomic set of moves which are both natural and very easy to perform. It also manages to successfully deal with problems such as muscle fatigue for example, problems that are encountered more and more by people which have to perform physical activities.

What we like about the Fortis exoskeleton is that the device is not attached to the arms, instead everything is attached to the back and through tests you can see that the device can actually increase the lifting power with up to 100% and in some situations up to 200%. The worker will attach any tool to the swing arm and instead all the weight will be transferred to the Fortis exoskeleton instead of making the body deal with it. Although it might seem like a very neat concept, the reality is that the Fortis exoskeleton brings a ton of technological achievements and it’s indeed a great innovation.

One great feature that we do have now is that the device isn’t powered by electricity, since everything is mechanical, and that means that you can literally use it in any situation. We are very impressed by the Fortis exoskeleton device and, of course, we can’t wait to see how it will be improved in the future.