Geoorbital Wheel to Make Your Bike Electric


When someone says Bicycle, you think of a two-wheeler that requires a lot of personal energy to ride. However, technology has taken over the world and not even something as simple as bike has remained unaffected. An electric bike is also known as an e-bike or a booster bike. The concept is to integrate the bike with an electric motor. The power of the electric motor helps the bike to move forward faster.
Many studies have been conducted about the electric bike. These studies show that electric bikes have more mileage. They also conclude that electric bikes reduce expense as compared to traveling by car.
Many people suggest that these bikes should become part of the urban culture. People should learn to get out of their cars. An e-bike uses less energy, lets you enjoy the outdoors and that has health benefits.
The GeoOrbital Wheel
The GeoOrbital wheel is one of a kind invention. It has enhanced the concept of an electric bike. It fits as a part of your bike so there are no issues about lack of space or too heavy to move forward. It is has been evolved from the concept of the orbital wheels. Orbital wheels were the wheels used on TRON Motorcycles.
The installation of the wheel takes only sixty seconds. Sixty seconds and you are ready to be on the move. No tools are needed for the installation. Everything to make the bike electric is within the wheel. No extra space or weight is required.
There are no compatibility issues. It is a wheel that fits all bikes universally. The wheel has been tested on hundred bikes that had different designs and belonged to various eras.
The wheel is supported by a 500W Brushless DC motor that helps you ride your bike at twenty miles per hour in just six seconds. Traffic is a major problem in big cities. People need to get to work early and the frustration is heightened on the main roads. In this situation, nothing can be better than a bike. When your bike is electric, you can ride faster between the cars and reach your destination quickly.
Even after the installation of the orbital wheel, your bike remains a bike. Therefore, you need no insurance, registration or license.
The wheel has been made with weather resistant technology and material. Wear and tear of the wheel will not be a concern for a long time.
More features of the GeoOrbital wheel include that the batteries are easily removable and a thumb activated throttle which can be easily clipped to your handle bar. Some fun features include a USB outlet so you can charge your phone on the go. You can also enjoy bike lights and speaker function.
Michael Burtov, Dakota Decker and Michael Potts are the three people responsible for this superb invention. Unfortunately, they are still waiting for patent for the GeoOrbital wheel. Currently, there is an on-going campaign for supporting the project.