Have Your Own Personal Robot with This Hot New Trend


If the idea of having your own personal robot follow you around all day sounds like something you’d love, the good news is that this reality may not be so far off. The RoboBusiness Conference in Boston in October of this year showed off some great new personal machines that are gaining headway in the robotics market, and which are perfect for much more than just entertainment. Check them out here.

Terrestrial Models

Drones have been a hot item for many years now, meaning robots that carry cameras mounted on them and which can fly over sporting events or even follow you home in your car. However, this year terrestrial models were the hottest ticket showcased. The CaddyTrek, which has been around for a few years but which saw some improvements with this year’s model, follows you around the golf course carrying your clubs for you. A sensor on your belt keeps it close.

Beyond sports, the Budgee is quickly becoming a favorite as well. This friendly little assistant is meant for the elderly and handicapped and weighs a mere 20 pounds. Despite its light size, it can carry up to 50 pounds of stuff and moves at a top speed of 2.4 miles per hour. The battery life lasts a good ten hours with each charge so it can easily assist all day long. A joystick control is on its way for those who use a wheelchair.

For Businesses

The HV-100 was designed for use in the agricultural industry. It’s a plant-carrying bot that contains many sensors which allow it to navigate through nurseries without hitting anything, including other plants and human beings. LED sensors also let it follow a taped outline on the floor. While it’s somewhat expensive at $30,000 per unit, its programming may be copied for future bots that may be used at home.

Many of the robots displayed at the event boasted built-in sensors that gave them direction, limiting the need for any type of guidance system or app. This makes them easier to manage and is one feature that many are sure to see on more personal robots in the future.