Hidrateme: a Smarter Water Bottle


Let’s face it: Most of us aren’t drinking enough water during the day. If you find yourself amongst these people, you’ve probably tried to change this a few times. Unfortunately, all the resolve in the world can’t win out against the fact that sometimes, we just forget.

HidrateMe could be the answer to your problem. This is a product that seeks to be known as a smart water bottle solution. To that end, it goes about achieving this in a variety of ways.

How HidrateMe Works


HidrateMe is indeed a water bottle. However, at the same time, it is so much more than that. This water bottle can be connected to your favorite device. It will keep track of how much water you drink. When you need to remember to drink more water, it will give off a glow. You’re never going to forget to drink your daily amount of water ever again.

This is a fairly remarkable product. Not only will it keep track of your water intake, but it will give you a full year of battery life. HidrateMe is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, leak proof, and comes in a 24 oz. container. While it is certainly capable of functioning as a plain old water bottle, you’re going to want to download and take full advantage of the app that comes with the bottle. The water bottle and the app will then communicate with one another, in terms of how much water you have drank during the day, and how much more you need to drink before the day is through.

Advantages Of HidrateMe

The advantages of HidrateMe are clear. This is a water bottle that is perfect for many individuals from many different walks of life. You can use this water bottle while at work, or you can bring it with you to the office each day. It’s your choice.