Innovative Lifeguard – Baywatch Inspired Drone


The beach is always a good place of entertainment, especially in the summer season. People come to enjoy the waves and surf them as well. Many families come along their kids to have a relaxed and fun time. During the summer, the beach h is quite busy as many people enjoy the sun and love to get a sun tan.

Those who surf the waves come with their boards and it is not uncommon to come across the surfing competitions. On the other hand, surfing or even swimming along the edge of the ocean is not an activity without danger. The ocean becomes deeper and ruthless as far as you go. The beaches are patrolled by lifeguards to prevent people from going into the danger zoned and to help if a dangerous situation arises.

Although lifeguards are trained and skilled to dean with drowning situations, it does not harm to have extra help. If extra help comes in the form of intelligent technology, then it is even much better.

The Amphibious Joint Lifeguard UAV

This amazing device looks like a drone at first appearance but does dual work. Besides doing the work of a surveillance drone keeping an eye out for the people who might swim to far, it also works as a floatation device to carry out a person back to shore in case of  a driftaway.

The device is designed to hover over the beach in a vertical position to keep an eye out for any swimmers, surfers or other people who might get into a dangerous zone of the ocean. On the other hand, it is designed to be a motorised floatation device as well so it plunges itself into water to save a victim and bring them back to the shore.


The Amphibious Joint Lifeguard UAV is a combined technology of hovering and floatation. Doing dual work, it also comes installed with solar panels. These solar panels ensure that the device does not go out of battery. This means that the device can carry on surveillance without interruption and rescue victims without the risk of running out of power.

Designed by Sarsenbek Hazken, this intelligent lifeguard device can turn out to be a great help to the actual lifeguards present on the beach. It can effectively reduce the amount of water related accidents that might occur on a beach and provide a safe environment.