Know Your Car, Drive Safe & Save Money with Drivebot


How much do you know about cars? How much do you know about your car? You might be an expert in automobiles, may have a fair idea about your car or you may know very little about the technicalities of a car. Someone who has been driving for many years will know almost all problems that a car can have but even then one cannot do much about the problems unless they happen and at that time one ends up spending a lot of money. Car problems are expensive to attend to and they can also lead to accidents and fatalities.

Now, you can know your car better than anyone else, you can enjoy a safe drive at all times and you can save money, all with a simple and affordable Drivebot.


Drivebot is a doctor and guardian of your car. It diagnoses your car in real time for all kinds of problems and it can also guide you to take better care of your car. Like any machine or what is also a case with humans, cars have problems and there are many subtle signs that a problem is in the making. Not many drivers or car owners will realize or notice the subtle signs. In some cases, the signs are nonexistent. If a problem can be preempted then a car can be attended to before a problem pops up or before the situation becomes a major concern. Preempting problems and then taking care of them would also save a lot of money since the solution is servicing or replacing a part and not trying to fix the damage and then solving the main problem.

Drivebot has the ability to diagnose the health of the entire car. It will monitor all parts and functions of a car, whenever you want, and it will also recommend solutions. You don’t have to open the hood, you don’t have to be an automobile expert and you also don’t have to rely entirely on an unknown mechanic or garage to tell you that there are more problems than what the reality is. You will always be proactive with your car problems and that would allow you to enjoy a safe drive at all times.

Drivebot also records your trips, driving patterns, fuel consumptions and routes to offer you guidance to better your driving experience and it can also save you more money in the process.