Life Lite – for Your Lifestyle


Last year November saw the successful launch of our 4000 Lume Cubes which were delivered to 1600 backers. After the success of Lume Cube, we have now come up with the next generation Life Lite which is due to the feedback we received from the Lume Cube users worldwide.

Special moments are sudden and are rarely captured. Often so it happens that the battery of smartphone is dead, or there is no light to take that perfect picture. While venturing into the sea or hiking, one needs light.

Life Lite gives you the right light in any setting. It allows you to be creative and capture those moments there and then. Using the same manufacturers and partners in the award-winning Lume Cube, we aim that our quality is not affected nor the supply chain. No matter what your occupation is a vlogger, traveler or a bunch of friends having some fun, Life Lite matches everyone’s needs suiting all cameras and lifestyles. The QA processes with Lume Cube hit less than 1% and with Life Lite we are aiming lesser than that!

Life Lite is small, social, portable which you can take anywhere with you which makes it your everyday light. Life Lite is Bluetooth controlled and pocket sized which works well with Android, iPhone, DSLR, GoPro or any camera that you have!


  • It weighs at 2.5oz / 50 g and sized at 1.5”x1”
  • Features LED Temp: 5600K
  • Waterproof:10M/30ft
  • Its battery is internal, non-replaceable Li-Ion Polymer.
  • Charges with Micro USB and takes about 30-40 minutes on charging depending on the amperage of the USB port it is being charged on.
  • It has a run time of 30 minutes @ 100% and 60 minutes @ 50%.
  • It can be controlled by single button manual operation as well as Bluetooth.
  • Comes with an encased earth magnet and standard tripod mount (1/4-20).
  • It has photo, video and strobe modes.
  • 10 manual brightness adjustments are available with Life Lite.
  • Life Lite is compatible with iPhone, DSLR, Digital and Video cameras, Android and GoPro.

The Life Lite is your perfect light whether you are a photographer, explorer and enables you to get those amazing moments with a Bluetooth powered app. The Life Lite prototype is fully functional with the iPhone and Android apps as well.

As soon as the funding is completed, tooling is ready to kick off as the custom lens and firmware have been completed already. Life Lite starts shipping in March 2017.