Lighting You Home with Dimo Lamp


Light is of utmost importance in every individuals’ life. After waking up in the morning, the first thing you do is to light your room so that you make your surrounding visible.

However, wanting to light your room immediately because you had a nightmare or because you need to see where you are heading in the middle of the night demands for a light source that is near you so that you can get light when needed. Going up to the switch to light your room also demands you to see your path to the switch. This is where lamps come in handy.

It goes without saying that lamps are the most convenient light sources that help to light your room or any place for that matter. Additionally, it is even said that lighting has an effect on a person’s state of mind and this why choosing a certain type of lamp to give the type of light required is important. Also, lamps add to the aesthetic beauty of the room: it enhances a room’s decoration.

However, there are many types of lamps available in the market that can light your room but every new invention or model comes with features that can assist you better than any other. One such invention is the DiMO Lamp, a unique designed lamp that has high-quality materials and exclusive function.

DiMO Lamp has been designed to incorporate any space where it is placed. DiMo lets you create your own space in any place. The DiMO lamp is a good looking lamp that has two main features:

  • DiMO Classic: This unique looking lamp is used by pushing and pulling the handle from the top. In order to light your room, you need to pull the handle of the lamp upwards. This feature has low consumption LED light that has 24 voltages. The lamp is made of beech wood that can match any room setting. Additionally, you also have different color options for handles. The colors that are offered are red, blue and yellow.
  • DiMO Plus: This feature is similar to DiMO Classic except that in this feature, you twist the handle to light your room. To add up, this feature has a large bolt that DiMO Classic does not have. Also, this feature comes with an on/off switch.

Although the differences are slight but the choice depends on what you would like to have. There is no difference in light both lamps emit. DiMO Classic and DiMO Plus both emit 420 Lumen. So, hurry up and buy this amazing lamp!