Lose Weight Through Thin Ice 2.0


Losing weight usually takes a lot of time. Other than time, putting in a conscious effort to lose weight can be very annoying. This is why making use of Thin Ice can cut down on the physical effort that you would have to put in and also makes the experience of losing weight much easier. This technology is a breakthrough technology because it offers to help you lose weight just by wearing it. Yes, you got it right! Thin Ice is a wearable gadget that you can wear anytime and anywhere and doing whatever. It is portable because it is wearable and this is why it goes unnoticed.

Thin Ice vest 1.0 had already taken over the market but vest 2.0 has been able to attract more traffic than before because not only does it allow not to be seen but also has more battery time, is thinner than the previous version and most importantly can be controlled by an application.

There is no doubt that this piece is here to maintain your body by burning your calories.  Even though this is clear, the question still remains that how does Thin Ice 2.0 work?

The moment you wear this vest on, it starts to work. Wearing the vest is all you have to do and the rest is handled by the vest. Now, what happens when you wear the vest? Quite simply, you start losing weight because your calories begin to burn. You lose at least 500 to 100 calories per day. The technology is used by an application; it strategically cools parts of the body with high concentrations of thermoreceptors that arouse the brown adipose tissue (BAT) pathway. When this happens, the pathway burns white fat that gets stored up in our body in order to produce heat and during the process burns calories.

Other than this cool feature that it has, the other features that the vest has are as follows:

  • The Thin Ice 2.0 has lithium-ion batteries that make it function for at least two hours and maximum for four hours.
  • It can be hot-swapped.
  • The vest can be used by any individual of any size because the vest has flexible sizing.
  • Because the vest makes you sweat, so it is important that you give the vest a wash, so remove the technology and give the vest a wash.
  • It is comfortable because it has an adjustable cooling system and also has special detectors that enable the vest to alter the temperature to combat the temperature of the human body.

The above-mentioned points are just highlights to what this product has in store for you. If you want to know it more then use it and see for yourself how convincing a technology it is.