Mine Kafon Drone: the Demining System


Land mining is a vast field where millions of people die only because they have to go through the mining process. Mining is hazardous and harmful because the process involves the release of gases and other elements that are dangerous for the human body. Even though, there are technologies that humans use to demine, still the existence of a man is needed.

However, if you use the new demining system called the Mine Kafon Drone, you will not only be able to demine the land but also will be able to do that without the need of any human being. Precisely, Mine Kafon Drone is an unmanned airborne demining system. It offers a ground-breaking solution for the removal of land-mine along with a reliable demining system that provides information on mine clearing operations and delivers accurate updates regarding the operation of clearing mines. Also, if compared to other technologies that are used for demining, Kafon is up to 20 times faster.

The Mine Kafon Drone has a three step process that involves:

  • Mapping: This demining technology has an aerial 3D mapping system that identifies the areas that are harmful via GPS way points. So, the Drone flies to these areas and gets ready for the next step.
  • Uncovering: The Kafon has a detecting arm made of robotic metal that it uses to detect mines. It flies just about 4 cm above the ground so as to identify mines. Every mine that is identified is geotagged on the operator’s system so that a map of known mine locations can be constructed.
  • Detonation: After MKD has detected every mine, for its final step it places a small detonator at every mine so as to detonate the land. The process involves explosion from a safe distance; with the use of a timer

Moreover, MKD provides other advantages as well:

  • Totally victim free
  • Performs a wide variety of tasks
  • The planning process becomes easier because of the scanning process
  • Provides information about areas that are a risk even before the demining process is started
  • Data collected from each operation is collected and analyzed in a systematic and structured manner
  • It is fast-paced and 20 times quicker than other demining technologies
  • Is an easy to use demining system that can help clear the mines in less than 10 years

So, if you want that the 10 years time-span does not exceed then it is best to have this system with you. Hurry and buy it!