Motorola Phonebloks – Change the Way You Use Your Phone


Once again, technology has presented us with something that is going to change the way you use your phone. Motorola is the architect of mobile communications, which has revealed yet another incredible project to amaze the entire technological community. According to the Project Ara, their objective is to turn the cellular device into a modular device, which means that each piece can be taken apart from the device without causing any sort of harm to the entire device.


Before Motorola came up with this idea, they conducted a research on the smartphone market to analyze the needs of the people. The developers of Motorola have paid their regards to the Google Ara, as its time is now over. Moto Z is creating history in the tech world with the modular phone and the people consider it to be a quite bold move indeed. The third-party Snap-On accessories make up for an amazing cell phone usage experience. Like every other phone from Motorola, the Moto Z comes in pretty slim.

Incredible Features:

Due to its slim and sleek design, the mods snapped onto the phone do not make it seem too thick. You can snap a JBL SoundBoost speaker onto your phone for a better volume experience, and it would also make your phone a bit thicker, so you can attach it only when you need it. The attachments available with this phone are the best part about this phone. Other than that, there is a Hasselblad True Zoom accessory that can be attached for you to capture much better photographs.

Last but not the least; the Moto Insta-Share Projector is also present for you to attach to your phone to view the videos, also known as the Motorola built portable projector. On the other hand, the Moto Z is quite slim without the modular attachments. Another attachment includes the offGRID Power Pack, which protects your phone from external damage. There is also a Snap-on battery pack available along with the phone. These modular units make up the Moto Z modular phone.

Through this marvelous device, Motorola has given the users a chance to decide what they want for their device and when they want it. The concept of this phone is that every user has a chance to customize their own phone the way they want.