Objest Watch: Time and Style


Just imagine lives without time! When you get up in the morning, first thing you need to see is your watch or the clock. When you go to a party, a meeting or while you are traveling; you need to time yourself in order to know when you are going to reach your destination. So, everything in our lives moves around time. This particular discovery has made our lives easier and more manageable.

A watch is an essential accessory that helps you in multiple ways. When a wrist watch is placed on the hand, it is convenient to see the time quickly rather than searching for a cell phone or a clock. If you need to know the time in places where it is not allowed to use a cell phone or when you cannot easily glance at a clock, a wrist watch will help you. For many people, they will start using other applications on the cell phone while checking the time, thus if you want to stay on track you need to avoid your cell phone. Generally, wrist watches have a long battery time and also use less energy and this is why watches are  reliable source for keeping track of time.  Not to forget, a wrist watch will always be a major attraction on your entire body. It will usually draw everyone’s attention.

You want style elegance and simplicity all in one? So, let’s introduce you to the wrist watch named “Objest “. It is an excellent example of a carefully designed watch; with a structure that focuses on a three dimensional dial. In addition, it gives you a comfortable feeling as it is soft and elegant, yet it can be worn in many different styles.  This wrist watch is a collection of an exquisite Swiss made designer ‘Hach’. The exciting part is that the dial of the watch is made of a single metal which has undergone processing that creates a two tone color, enhancing the texture and the overall look of the ‘Hach’ watch. It came into existence after the influence of a designer called Issey Miyake and the architectural John Pawson who gave a new look to the old watches, making them look modern. As watches also show part of your personality these unisex time piece design will show the high-status of those men. Each model features Ronda Quarts movement with a 40mm matte stainless steel case. These cases also come in a variety of finishes including the beautiful Diamond like Carbon and gold. So, hurry and grab one!