Pavlok, the Shocking Wristband


Most of us like wearables — they are very easy to wear and they provide us with a wide range of possibilities that you simply can’t find them elsewhere. However, there are some of them that simply renounce the high-tech apps and instead they go with an old school approach. This is what the Pavlok, the shocking wristband does.

Instead of showing us the time or performing any other gizmos, Pavlok brings a more interesting approach in the form of shocking us whenever we stray from the right path. User needs to add triggers — tell the wristband using a smartphone app when we need to be shocked if we have a bad behavior, then Pavlok will take control of everything, shocking us whenever it deems necessary. This is indeed one of the best ways you can control what you say and do with some extra help.

An interesting twist brought by Pavlok is that if you are a good person committed to the ideas you will actually receive quite a lot of rewards in the form of added functions, but on the other hand you will be shocked whenever you fail to complete your daily goals. So no matter if you fail to pay a traffic fine in time, Pavlok will shock you immediately, reminding you that you have something on the to do list. It helps you wake up on time, do tasks faster and it engages you to do everything as it should be.

We think that Pavlok is certainly a nifty solution for those who want to be more organized. It indeed manages to provide a wide range of benefits, which is really neat.

Creating bad habits is very easy, however getting rid of them is very hard. Thankfully, with the help of Pavlok you will get a small push towards the right direction, which will indeed go a long way.

You can pre-order it right now for around 150$.