Philips Hue Go Portable Light


The Philips Company has just released the Philips Hue Go, the portable light that has made it’s way to becoming what most will call a great gadget in the daily life. The Hue Go is creative, will light up new spaces and in a whole new way. The light is easily detached from the main portion of the gadget and can be carried around throughout the whole home and office. There will be many ways that you will be able to use the gadget to help throughout the office and home.


The light is conventional as well as convertible. It will work as a portable light when you need it and can go everyone with you as it works wirelessly through your iOS and Android device. The Philips Hue Go works off from the Hue App or any other apps that have been developed to work with the Hue Go gadget. The gadget can be set to turn on with the help of a timer and will work with alarms and will notify you when the time is right. All the control for your Hue Go will be in the palm of your hand, literally.

There will be 7 presets already installed on the device; the cool daylight , the warm white light, meditation, enchanted forest, Sunday coffee, night adventure and cozy candle. There is a loop function that will change the color and you will be able to choose your favorite color as well.

The alarm will feature a slow and gradually increasing light that helps to make your body wake up gently and naturally. When you use the alarm setting, It helps you to wake up more naturally than before since the light allows your body to wake up more naturally than before.

There will be no need for flashlights any longer since the new trend has become great gadgets that can work anywhere at any time. That is what is so good about these new trendy devices that allow your life to become easier overtime with the ability to work with your phone or Android device. The compact design of the device allows for you to use the light in nearly all locations ranging from inside of your car, to an office or even in your home gym when you want to meditate. With all these great uses, why would you not want to purchase one for your own home?