Plants Grow Every Time This Lamp Glows


We are well-aware of the fact that plants use light for photosynthesis, to produce energy. The most basic source of this light is the one coming from the sun. But, with changing times, man grew in knowledge and came to know that it isn’t the light from the sun only which helps plants grow but, artificial lights can serve the purpose as well.

The device which we are going to discuss here uses artificial light for the growth of plants. It is basically a lamp, known as Ambienta, which has space for the growth of small plants. The adjustable light range allows you to alter the intensity of light according to your needs.

Functioning of the Lamp

The lamp is easy to install and its functioning mechanism is easy to understand. It comes in an assembled form. All you need to do is place on your side table and switch it into the energy source.

The first things you need to do are put some soil at the bottom and place an already grown plant. The plants which don’t expand too much should be as they won’t spread beyond its range. After placing the plants, next thing you need to do is water them. This is done from an opening at the top of the lamp. Take a bowl of water and pour it from above which will rinse down into the soil.

In the end, turn on the lamp to provide light energy to the plants. The installed LEDs can be altered in their brightness according to the need. For instance, if you want to increase the brightness of your room, you can turn the LEDs on to a full bright mode, but if you want to provide light to the plants only, you can turn it on to ambient mode. The ambient mode is a dim light compared to the regular light but is enough to assist plants in their photosynthesis process.

Benefits of Ambienta

Here, we have compiled a list of benefits which you can enjoy if you have this lamp in your bedroom.

  • It increases the level of aesthetics of your place.
  • The green plant growing just beside your bed is a healthy thing. It not only keeps your mood better but provides with fresh oxygen as well.
  • Apart from the growth of plants, it gives you bright light. The LEDs consume very little electricity, so the power bill is also less.