Playbulb: to Add Light, Color & Music to Your Lives


Color and music are both integral to our lives. We like to spend hours and days before choosing a shade for the walls in our home. We prefer cars of certain colors, we like certain colors for our eyewear and the dresses we wear. In everything we do and everything we buy or possess, color plays a predominant role. So is the case with music. We love listening to music regardless of where we are, whether we are driving or at home, lazing on the bed or at a party. The two wondrous elements, color and music have now been clubbed together by MIPOW in what they are calling, the PLAYBULB.

The PLAYBULB is apparently a simple light bulb, albeit LED, that can change its colors and at the same time it can play music. The PLAYBULB comes in a standard shape of conventional light bulbs and they can be fitted into the typical sockets or fixtures. The LED light bulb has an integrated speaker which can play music wirelessly when connected via Bluetooth. While lighting up your space and playing the music you want, the light bulb can change its colors according to your wishes.


In other words, you can now play your favorite music wherever you are in your home and you can do so wirelessly and enjoy fascinating changing colors at all times. The color is bright enough to light up a living space, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen and you can manipulate that brightness, the color and the effects of the lights.

PLAYBULB comes with a free app that is compatible on iOS and Android devices. You can use the free app to control the light bulb, music and color. There are some preset effects and several configurable settings which you can play around with. There is an integrated music player inside the free app but the app also allows you to play music from your favorite media player, for instance the iPhone Music.

PLAYBULB is not an out-worldly creation but it is unique and innovative enough to have in our homes. It is cool, useful, doesn’t take up any space, there is no clutter of wires and you can also use multiple PLAYBULBs at the same time, route the same music and have the lights and colors do their thing from one swipe or tap on the free app.