Quant by Nanoflowcell: Tesla is Finally Challenged


Tesla Motors has been the leader in high-end electric cars, but today they may finally face some stiff competition. The German company nanoFLOWCELL is looking to premier its Quant, the car that may take over the electric market with its sleek design and ultra modern technology.

Germans have long been known for making quality cars and the nanoFLOWCELL Quant may very well move them out of the luxury market and into the clean driving economic electric market. The Quant offers some great luxury features but it’s the design of the car and what’s under the hood that should drive high-end consumers to its doors.

Quant Features

Despite being an electric car, the Quant has a zero to 100 kph time of 2.8 seconds. It can reach speeds of 600 km and gets up to 380 kph. The motor uses torque vectoring to offer maximum handling abilities.

The outer shell of the Quant is designed to take stress similar to the SpaceX Falcon 1 system for maximum safety, something Germans are known for in the automotive market. The battery is powered by saltwater and it offers some five times the life than a lithium-ion battery. Filling the battery is also a quick job, with no more time and effort needed than filling the tank of a gasoline-powered car.

The Cool Factor

Beyond its features the Quant is one cool car to look at. It offers a sleek body that somewhat resembles a cross between a Jaguar and a Corvette. The interior offers every amenity imaginable, with a high-tech dash that is sleek and stylish.

The only drawback to the Quant is that it’s still just a prototype! German engineers are challenging the electric car market with its design but are still at the drawing board, and it will be interesting to see if they can offer it to a consumer base beyond the mega rich. If it does manage to get to market, its technology may finally give Tesla the competition it’s been missing for so many years and may encourage other makers to enter the electric car market.