Review of the Abyss Watch


The trend of wearing watches has been going out of date with the advent of extremely smart phones. However, many people still view watches as a symbol of class and elegance. Professionals still wear expensive and sophisticated watches to add a touch of class to their outfits. Watches will never fail to enhance your personality.
Like everything else in the world, technology has also brought innovation to the designs of watches. Glow in the dark watches are not a new concept. This idea has not only been used in wrist watches but also wall clocks.
However, imagine wearing a completely blank faced watch on your wrist. Just touch the screen and sixty small LED lights will come to life. The display resembles the stars scattered over dark blue sky. Only in this case, the star like LED lights are circling the circumference of the dark blank screen.
How to Read the Time on the Abyss Watch
Although, the design of the watch is a piece of art and very innovative but reading the time is not that difficult. Sometimes, it is difficult to read simple watch displays. The difficulty is not based on the fact that you can’t read but on the fact that how quickly you can read. It can be very embarrassing to be confused by your own watch if someone asks you the time. People love to wear sophisticatedly designed watches but at the same time want to read the watch easily.
Abyss watch is easy to read. The LED lights are differently coloured. You can easily differentiate between hours and minutes. The hour lights are bigger and are white in colour. The minutes are represented by blue and smaller lights.
It is also very easy to adjust the time on the abyss watch. Keep a continuous touch on the screen and you can access a settings menu.
The Design of the Abyss Watch
The strap of the watch is also of good quality. It is black in colour which is always classy and compatible with various outfits. It is made of snake skin textured leather. It consists of seven holes that give flexibility in adjusting the strap to different sizes of wrists. The watch is powered by a button cell that is mostly used in watches all around the world.
Warranty Feature
The watch comes with a twelve month warranty which makes the purchase decision easy.
The abyss watch is a smart watch. The touch screen feature resembles that of a smart phone. You might have some difficulty using it in the beginning. However, the watch comes with a user manual. It is recommended that you read it. If you are familiar with android based smart phones, then it won’t be difficult for you to learn.
If you are a technology buff, then abyss watch is perfect for you. It is a watch that serves multiple purposes. It offers smart technology while adding a touch of class to your fashion statement. It is a perfect combination of technology and style.