Reviving the Beast | K100+1


Remembering the old times, there was a decade when BMW had given all bike lovers a lethal weapon to boost in front of people. From 1983 to 1992, the K100 was a hot favorite among the biker community because of its sleek design and amazing horsepower. Though the company stopped manufacturing it but the bike has since been etched in the memory of all the bikers of that area. Some have kept it as a symbol of their adventurous adolescence.
Philip Wulk and Matthias Pittner, known as Impulse, combined with the artist Fabian Gatermann and Mathias Edlinger who created a 3D image of the 1985 bike. The purpose was to bring a few innovations in the bike by adding some modern features but still keeping a tinge of the past in it. The bike was modified in the structure including the tank and the seat, first on the computer, and then it was implicated in real life.
Both the artists Gatermann and Edlinger have worked very creatively on modifying the look of the bike. Initially, they brainstormed the changes and made them on the visual 3D version on their computer. After being entirely satisfied, they started incorporating them on the bike.
The changes did not involve a few tweaks in the design and the structure of the bike. This meant that the bike was broken down into small parts, with work being done on each part, and assembling the modified parts together to form the K101. Fabian Gatermann went to the extent of designing hand-drawn polygon art on the bike and giving it a more customized and modern look.
The parts that have been entirely customized in the bike are the rear frame, air intake, and the exhaust. Rests are the modifications and artwork that has been done by the team with their own hands. This bike is a treat to the eyes of all the bike lovers and people who love the incorporation of art and machine.
The bike has been given a complete classy look by incorporating black, white, and blue colors in it. The look of the bike along with the combination of colors gives it the look of the motorbike that Batman owns and rides while saving Gotham from all the evil criminals.
It is the dream of all the bike lovers. With the latest mechanics being incorporated in it, it will give you an ultimate experience that any other modern bike has to offer. But still, it retains the essence of the classy 1985 K100 that has been loved by people for almost a whole decade. This does not mean that the piece will only be loved by die hard lovers of the bike. Most of the younger generation wasn’t even alive at the time when K100 was at its peak but the latest K101 will make them fell in love with the latest and also the former version of the bike. The outcome has so much offer that it was definitely worth all the effort.