Riding Audi Escooter


Walking across terminals handling heavy bags and suitcases, security checks, flight delays, ordering pricy snack trays is tiring for the travelers. The ultra modern suitcase makes your ride easy. A suitcase? Yes the Audi eSuitcase completely eliminates the chores one needs to execute when bustling on an airport. Many have transformed suitcases to scooters but the Audi eSuitcase is different. The beautiful and dazzling outlook of the suitcase will insist on having one.

It’s for the traveler; you certainly don’t have to be on an airport to use it. The tiring walks to the train stations, café shops, parking lots, classrooms can be evaded. You can now take a trip to your desired destination on your Audi scooter. The carbon fiber suitcase has a built in electric scooter. It is designed to give comfort to the potential traveler saving time and making the ride relaxed and comfy. You invest on a nature friendly product which rides you anywhere you want. By commuting on an electric scooter, you save trees by reducing the carbon dioxide they inhale.

It’s difficult for people residing in big cities to travel frequently under snowy sky. The traffic obstruction, air pollution and energy crisis is a threat to the modern world. City make-up and the life we live there makes travelling an issue especially during the peak working hours. Means of transport that can fly you to destinations without worrying to stop at petrol or gas stations and finding parking is a need today. Recurring thoughts of your vehicle might be stolen is another concern. Audi scooter answers it all. The beautiful durable carbon shell that packs your personals is lightweight and easily folds in seconds. The compact charger similar to your laptops, fuels it in about 2-3 hours time. The classy, sturdy and durable scooter can be with no doubts compared to a quality, classy and valued vehicle. Coming to the speed, it has an impressive torque power and the speeding is just amazing. The powerful battery and the battery time it holds, provides a remarkable distance and range.

Audi eScooter is the innovative solution for everyone. Students and travelers can benefit from the very trendy, easy going vehicle. Aim to go green, it alleviates the pollution globally. Own the Audi eScooter and boast to ride on the luxury, convenient and blasé seat. The fun ride will surely direct your way to a coffee shop to share your Audi ride experience with your buddy.