Rova4d: the 3d Printer


Colors are substances that give life to or enhance your reality and the things present in it. Nowadays especially, colors have gained more popularity than black and white surroundings and images. Would you prefer to give a presentation or show an image that is in black or white or that which is colored?

Obviously, images and visuals that stand out more or easily catch the attention of an individual are always to be preferred. Isn’t it? Similarly, when talking about printers, it is advisable to have a colored printer so that you can get color prints. Additionally, for those who do not now, there is a new printer that is the sixth generation and it is here to enhance you printing experience: adding more color than ever. And, it is no normal printer, it is a 3D printer that lets you model, color and print.

This super cool printer can prove to be really helpful for students in their art projects. RoVa4D extrudes filaments into a single hot end so as to get blended and be deposited from a single nozzle. Also, in a single print you can use unlimited colors with varying hues, tones, tints or shades. The printed materials can come with a gradient or as hard separations.

To give more insight, some of the features of the printer are as follows:

  • automatic bed leveling
  • auto nozzle height control
  • electronic offset control
  • heated bed, tool-less setup
  • liquid cooling for jam free prints
  • all-metal 450C hot ends, automatic print layer cooling fan
  • wireless full color touch screen
  • wi-fi printing and video updates
  • a full metal frame
  • stainless steel gears,
  • a 12X12X12 inch build volume.


Other than the advantage of the unlimited color choice, types of material that can be used, and the features mentioned above, the other added benefit is that buying this printer will earn you a reward package. The reward package will give you extra elements that will be delivered along with the printer. The reward package will have:

  • CMYKW color mixing head
  • Flexible and support material head
  • Wireless touch interface to the printer
  • Wireless printing
  • Safety enclosure that is fully lockable
  • Nippy Start Kit
  • One year full extended warranty

So, hurry and grab this new 3D printer- that is an answer to your coloring and printing concerns. Best of Luck!