Rover 2.0 Comes with Fascinating App Control


Rover 2.0 stands out for many reasons. It looks amazing, almost like a piece from a science fiction epic with the difference that it exists in reality and it works. Right from the design to its maneuverings, Rover 2.0 is a fascinating wireless spy tank. Now, should you be looking for features that other tanks don’t offer then the Rover 2.0 will not disappoint. Rover 2.0 redefines app-control of wireless spy tanks in a sense.

Rover 2.0 is compatible with almost every mobile device that you can possibly own. You may have an Android smart phone or tablet. You may have an iOS device. You may even have the good old iPod. No matter who you prefer to win in the Samsung Vs Apple or Android Vs iOS wars, you will want your gadgets to be compatible with all. Rover 2.0 ticks the right boxes.

Rover 2.0 comes with an integrated night vision that allows you to see even if it is dark. Since you are already pairing your spy tank with your smart phone or tablet, viewing in the dark would certainly be a joyride.

Rover 2.0

Rover 2.0 allows complete control through the app. You can shoot a video or capture stills from the app, all the while streaming or recording them in real time. You can share the videos and images directly to your social networking profiles and social media sites from within the app. You can remotely access the camera of the Rover 2.0, not just to make it work but also to make it move. You can change the angle of the Rover 2.0 camera. The tank also comes in with built in speakers and can capture the audio as well. Not only would you get more of the surroundings because of the wide angle lens but you shall also be able to capture ambient sound and specific noises while the tank heads out on a mission.

The app comes with steering features and there is an accelerometer that can allow you to speed up or slow down your spy tank. The headlights of the tank can also be accessed from the app and thus turned on or off. The app can be used from a distance of up to 200 feet if it is an open area and if there are rooms or obstructions such as walls and other objects then your app would work up to a distance of a hundred feet.