The All-electric Car from Singapore – Dendrobium


Never heard of a Singaporean orchid and a car together right? Well here is a first. A combination of a car and an orchid, both from Singapore.

A company from Singapore namely Vanda Electric, has a vision. It plans to create an all-electric car named Dendrobium, after a Singaporean orchid.

With a startup investment of 10 million for over the initial two years, Vanda Electric hopes to launch this two-door, hard core car with an amazing ability to produce 15,00 horsepower, by the next year’s Geneva Motor Show.

When it comes to a better environment, electric cars are no doubt a suitable solution. But there is also a possibility that they will rule the petrol cars of the past when their performance will be calculated.

Apart from the staggering horsepower, this hyper car is expected to produce 4,000 Nm of torque.

If we are to talk about its speed, Dendrobium would be able to 400 km/h. The electric car’s width is expected to be 5540 mm long. The length and height shall be 2270mm and 1100mm respectively. And it will weigh about 1750 kg.

Dendrobium shall be harnessed by 4 electric motors and all the motors and the batteries are to be liquid cooled throughout the ride. This car will cover up the distance of 100 km within 2.6 seconds which is remarkable.


Vanda Electric is designing this car in collaboration with EPTA Design which is London based company. And EPTA is to design its modern carbon/aluminum body. Dendrobium’s front grill will be quite low and the rear end shall be open which will contain moving parts of the hyper car and will amount to the complete aerodynamics of the vehicle.


If both these companies Vanda and EPTA, really manage to deliver such a car, it will a phenomenal achievement. And a remarkable addition to the automobile industry. This company has not designed a car before but their first project is enough to give a competition to the Buggati Chiron, which is to be launched.

It is not quite clear that electric power is no match to the fossil fuels. And when it is about the torque and horsepower, electric cars definitely going to be successful.


If Dendrobium comes through and delivers the same as it is expected to by the next year, it can be the death of petrol fueled super cars for sure.