The Bike with Classy Red Lights


Whenever you think of vehicles and the red colour, you will either think of the red traffic light or tail lights. But if you could have red lights right at the front and rock them?

This bike designed by Michael Cohen allows you to do just that. it comes with a classy red light right at the front.  This Electric Café Racer is a dream for many bike lovers. People who love to ride a bike would know how much fun it is sport something really cool. The Electric Café Racer is not just classy but really cool rocking those red lights are the front.

Experience the Drive

The design of this bike is quite classy and cool as you not only get the red lights at the front but you can actually sport them without disturbing the aesthetic of the actual bike. The rest of the bike comes in the traditional classy black colour and the red lights only act to highlight the rest of the bike.

The red lights have been placed at the front of the bike in 7 small circles. There are 4 at the bottom making an almost pyramid with the rest of the 3 at the top. The lights have been encased in a glass just like a headlight and a slight shadow of the hood over it makes it look much better.

The bike gives a similar look to a sports bike and some would say that it imitates the design of a heavy bike but it does not really look that heavy. Instead it looks compact but functional in both drive and aesthetic.

We live in a time where the gadgets we own say a lot about us. Whether it is the smartphone in your hand, the laptop you work on or the type of headphones you use, you are judged according to them when it comes to your personality. So it won’t come as a surprise that a set of 7 small red lights at the front of a stylish bike can change the way your personality comes out to the people around you.

Besides the lights, the rest of the bike looks worth owning as well. it almost could be called a hybrid between a traditional heavy bike and something more contemporary.

The Electric Café Racer des bring bikes to new a level.