The Doctor is Just a Video Call Away


Your headset now is not just an accessory to listen to music or to have an online call with a friend living in a faraway place. It has become much more than that. Can you imagine a doctor examining you with the help of a headset? If no then, you are in for a shock now. There is this latest headset that helps the doctors in examining the patient through an online video call.
If your doctor is planning out on an annual vacation and will not be available in the city for another two weeks then, there is a smart solution available for you to have a check up by him in the case of an emergency situation. The name of the solution is Portal Telemedicine Headset. All you need to do is to wear the headset and make a call to your doctor. The rest of the work will be carried out by the headset and off course the doctor himself.
Here is a list of features that this headset has to offer you making it a must have in order to deal with not so serious medical emergencies:
Optometric Camera:
This is a movable camera that can be fixed in front of your eye. This allows the doctor to have a clear view of the eye through the call. This camera comes with adjustment option making it easy to use for any member of the family.

Tympanic Thermometer:
The headset comes with a variety of ear buds that can easily be fixed and removed from it. The ear buds have in them a tympanic thermometer that determines your body temperature and flashes it on the screen of the doctor’s computer or laptop.

Pulse Oximetry Sensor:
A pulse oximetry sensor is attached on the ear bud that displays the level of oxygen in your blood on doctor’s screen. It also tells him about your pulse rate. This way the doctor becomes quite familiar with your current medical condition and will help in diagnosing your problem thus, providing a treatment for it.

Stethoscope Microphone:
This time, the stethoscope is not hanging around the neck of the doctor instead; it is attached to your headset as a microphone functioning exactly like a contemporary stethoscope. So, the doctor will be able to hear all the sounds inside your body: odd or perfectly normal.

Magnetic Dock for Puck:
If another part of your body needs examination, it provides the facility to attach a puck camera and let the doctor see the particular part that needs to be observed.
The Portal Telemedicine Headset comes with a set of five ear buds. This offers the opportunity to the family members to have an ear bud for themselves without sharing it with anybody as most of the medical instruments have been incorporated in the ear buds. This feature makes the headset quite superior as it caters to the personalization and hygiene of medical instruments which is very important.
If your doctor has occasional visits outside the city or country for medical seminars or other purposes, this is the right way to make him available for a treatment at any time.