The Little Desktop Water-volcano


With dryness all around, everyone loves to get cozy with a humidifier next to them. The advanced technology is innovative enough to fit well into the world. Similarly, the watercone, also known as the water-volcano, comes with a compact design that is easily adjusted on your desktop. It is basically a humidifier, designed in a different manner. It might come with a compact design, but it is durable and can easily be carried around. Due to its sleek design, most people desire it to be a part of their desk, or can even carry it around in their car. On the other hand, the water-volcano is basically called a volcano because of its shape.

The Sleek Design of the Water-Volcano:

Other than the sleek design of the water-volcano, it fulfills the needs of all the electronics and water storage needed. The design is not anywhere near the actual watercone, and that was the first priority of the developers. However, the main designer of the product, Younggyu Kwon, focused on providing the consumers with the best product present in the market. Desktop humidifiers are available in the market in many other designs, but this one has managed to catch the eyes of many consumers, which ultimately lead to the success of the product. You would not have to worry about the water spilling from the humidifier, as the design is safe enough to make you feel secure while using this humidifier.

Even when you are not using the water-volcano, it makes up for a remarkable decorative piece. It is available in two extremely beautiful designs, which are, the metal color combination, and the glossy plastic combination to choose from. When you carry it around in your car, the water would be secure inside it, and only the steam would be able to exit from the nozzle. The conical shape allows the steam to be formed and to exit easily. On the other hand, the water-volcano is completely safe to be kept around your electronic devices, and it is actually quite healthy for the health of your skin, especially during the winter season.

The air range of the humidifier can be set according to desire, and thus, you can enjoy the cool moisture for up to almost 8 hours.