The New Level of Virtual Reality


It can be hard to believe sometime the amount of developments we have been able to accomplish through technology. We have come way far from the old days when it was hard to imagine being connected with someone who lived oceans apart. Nowadays, we have a powerful object in the palm of our hands.

The smart phone was a significant development of innovative technology and we have further combined it with more technology to enhance our experiences and make live more convenient.

One of latest hypes around the globe is virtual reality. VR allows us to enjoy highly enhanced images and other sensations that are quite near to reality. We can enjoy a replicated real environment or create imaginary ones as well. The part that is creating all the hype is that we can actually interact with these environments using projectors or specialises screens which are often seen in the form of VR headsets.


The VR COOLPRO1 is a mobile device which has been specially designed to pair with the highly awaited Le Superphones. It uses its very own application that supports video content over the LeEco platform. It combines advanced technology, aesthetics and high quality craftsmanship to enhance the user experience of the VR.

Design of the VR COOLPRO1

It features a visual optical system and an in-built high accuracy IMU sensor. The 3D desktop display of the phone screen allows the user to enjoy audiovisual effects that are close to a theatre like experience. The device supports the traditional 2D and 3D videos, and the 360 degree panoramic videos as well.

This VR headset is set to change the image we have in our mind about VR. If you think VR was the extreme side of technology that you could witness, then stay tuned because this amazing gadget designed by Duo Li is about the send you on another adventure filled with the wonders of technology. In outer appearance, the VR COOLPRO1 is classy and when you get to use the device, it will definitely amaze you. It surely changes the way we have known VR to date.

VR is not just for entertainment but it can help us to bring positive changes to many fields of life. VR is being used to train employees and by doctors to prevent medical accidents. With the VR COOLPRO1, we can now use VR in a better way.