The Sleek Zelator-28


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or unattended service vehicles (USV) are called drones. A drone is a flying robot basically. A drone is controlled and flies through controlled software.

Drones are used in military services and have been associated with military. Apart from this, they are further used for rescue and search operations. Drones are used in traffic and weather monitoring. Drone aircrafts can stay in air for a long time.

Recently a competition was arranged by a large European aviation tycoon Airbus and an open source manufacturing company from Arizona, named Local Motors for drones. In this competition designers from across the world gathered to present a new drone concept.

The first prize was won by Zelator-28 designed by Alexey Medvedev from Russia, for its extremely functional and aligned design. The Zelator-28 is not particularly designed for one function. Its concept was materialized by keeping in mind both deliveries and inspection.

This service drone is attributed with a glossy compartment for cargo and a camera mounted at its nose. Zelator-28 tends to hover very much like the copter. Like an airplane, its flight is speedy and efficient like an airplane.

Zelator-28 has a powerful engine which ensures a forward thrust in the flight. It is not only chosen for its fastness but the presence of four smaller rotors which give a vertical lift.

Following is a list of its basic features:

The Zelator-28 has:

  • A 7.5 kg motor T-Motor U11 which is water proof and also resists dirt.
  • A T-motor propeller 31×11 which are present for the rotors. They are situated around the gravity center.
  • A T-Motor propeller 21×33 for cruising propulsion.
  • Zelator has 11 kg thrust at 0 m/s and 4000 Nm max torque at 3900 rpm.
  • It has ultra-high battery of Kokam which have high energy NMC cells. These energy cells have energy density of around 265 Wh/kg.
  • When Zelator hovers, at different height limits, the battery efficiency is about 92% which is quite incredible.
  • The battery efficiency is about 96% when the Zelator is in cruise mode.
  • The FLAM 80A from T-Motor make up the controllers which contain the voltage capacity 12S-44,4V. Also these controllers are water resistant.


With such incredible features, Zelator was bound to take first place. Its innovative style and streamlined design impressed and attracted everyone. This certainly has added more to what drones are about.


Alexey Medvedev surely has created a remarkable design for this drone.