The Smart Mask


Air pollution has become a concern for everyone nowadays. However, there are some places where the problem is more, in comparison to other places. Precisely, air pollution is a term given to air when it has been contaminated. The pollutants normally come from factories, gases, etc. The more there is industrial development, the more pollutants there are. Smog is what defines these pollutants. Smog is a combination of smoke and fog that contains harmful chemical waste products and this blends with the clean air; the end result is that it pollutes it as well.

The air then which is inhaled by individuals is polluted and causes throat and nose irritation usually. This can further lead to asthma if the irritation is extreme. Additionally, according to studies these pollutants are also one of the many causes that lead to lung, throat and other types of cancer.

Where this is true and a cause for great concern, the question that still remains is how can you deal with it while still going out in the air? There is no doubt that we need to move around and go out in the open air because of many different reasons. So why not go out with a solution. Yes, a solution!

The Smart Mask is your friend that is here to help you out. Although there are cloth masks that help you breathe clean air but this mask comes with advanced features so that breathing becomes even easier.

  • The mask is designed nicely and comes with electronics that enhance the quality of breathing.
  • The mask comes with a filter module that you can attach, detach, replace and even clean it when you feel the need to do so.
  • The filter module also comes with electronics that you can use in order to improve the quality of air. The module monitors the air quality and filters it accordingly so that the air you inhale is clean and without pollutants.
  • Wearing the mask does not hide your face. The reason is that the module is placed in a transparent casing. Also, the mask comes with an eye protector that also helps to prevent you from dust particles entering your eye.

The Smart Mask with all its features is a well-rounded solution that can help you to prevent yourself from harm and at the same time you can go out and do your work. So, get going with ‘The Smart Mask’ on!