The Troy Concept Utility Vehicle

Published on: February 26, 2015

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The Troy Utility Vehicle is a combination of RV and off-road vehicle. This unique off-road vehicle offers you the safe and comfortable interior while letting you experience nature first hand. This vehicle is especially great for research scientists, photographers, etc. that wants to see nature first hand without risking life or limb. Get up close and personal like you’ve never been able to before with the Troy Utility Vehicle.

Product Descriptions

The Troy Utility Vehicle offers sleeping quarters for between 4 to 5 people at a single time. Additionally it has room for storage as well as a kitchenette, bathroom, shower, and dining table. It has all the perks of a RV but the off-road capability of an SUV. The Troy Utility Vehicle also comes with a rugged exterior to provide you with not only a comfortable home away from home but add that extra bit of security to let you sleep easy at night.

Does it work?

With its open window exterior you can see nature of all kinds’ right from the comfort of your quarters. It’s like a glass bathysphere for nature. With its rugged exterior you can sleep, work and play in the quiet safety of this one of a kind vehicle. Also with its rugged heavy duty engine you can transverse even the most harsh terrain and explore new and interesting places. Whether you study, photograph, or like to explore nature the Troy Utility Vehicle is the perfect vehicle for you. Take the risk out of your life and put the comfort back in.


Overall the Troy Utility Vehicle can be a wonderful addition to anyone looking to explore the more inhospitable regions of the world. This vehicle is perfect for tour groups looking to see exotic locations from the safety of the comfortable interior. With all the comforts of home welcoming you on the inside and the open window design on the outside you won’t even have to leave the Troy Utility Vehicle to see wild life in action. Additionally as it can sleep up to 5 people it’s perfect for small research teams, families, touring companies, photographers, game keepers, scientists, students, etc. While the exterior is open you can draw curtains at night to give you privacy. So for your next trip into the wild, take a little bit of home with you in the Troy Utility Vehicle. With all the comforts of an RV packed into an off-road vehicle you can enjoy nature safely and in luxury.

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