Time to Replace Velcro


Ask any person with a skinny wrist and you will know how much a problem it is to find a fitting strap or chain with a watch. Moreover, Velcro fastenings, and hooks and buckles are increasingly going out of style as we proceed into the contemporary era.

Designer Benjamin Hubert brings you the loopless and buckleless band or more commonly known as the LABB. This new invention is all set to change the way we have known straps of our watches. No more worries about broken buckles or loose fitting bands and chains.

The Design

Each of the LABB straps is made of high quality and highly resistant material. Each one comes with a complementary design so that they press together to fit conveniently and easily. The entire manufacturing is Swiss and completed with efficient research and development. It does not only look good in appearance but you can feel the quality when you touch it. The best thing about LABB is that it is water proof; the material does not give off any weird odour and comes in various colours so you can choose what suits you best.

Why Choose LABB

LABB will completely change the way you have known general straps until now. It adds aesthetic to convenience and you have one of the most modern and easy to wear straps in your reach. Now imagine if you could have the same type of straps in your shoes, bags and your belts; even clothes. No other strap can provide this much hassle free managing. No more tangling of laces, no more broken buckles or torn straps or worn off Velcro.

The LABB is set to revolutionise the way we have been using straps with several of our daily accessories until now. It will get us rid of all the confusion and hassle that goes with buckles and hooks. Moreover, it does all of this function while providing with not only quality but class as well. When you wear the LABB around your wrist, it catches everybody’d wyes and it is so engaging that you would want to admire it over and over again yourself as well.

LABB is something you should really try if you are tired of the old Velcro straps. With this amazing new invention, you get to enjoy great functionality and aesthetic at the same time. When you try LABB for the first time, you will experience all this by yourself.