Touch Sense: It’s More Than Just a Phone


Nothing’s better than a personal doctor accompanying you wherever you go. It is best when the doctor can fit inside your pocket, takes pictures of you, and keeps you connected with your loved ones. Yes, you guessed it right; we are talking about Touch Sense Phone.

Touch Sense is a smartphone which is a perfect manifestation of its name. The gadget completely eliminates the concept of push buttons, which you will find in other popular smartphones in the market today. This gives it an extremely sleek look. The power button and the volume buttons are replaced with small touchscreens which perform similar functions. For instance, if you want to increase or lower the volume, all you need to do is slide your finger up and down on the volume panel. Similarly, if you want to turn off or restart your phone, you just need to give a little push on the power icon.


Talking more of the looks, the phone comes in a curvy design which increases its usability. It’s not the front which is a screen but the back side of the phone is a touchscreen as well. This improves its visual design compared to other conventional smartphones. Moreover, the phone comes in shiny black color which makes it look extremely graceful.

Now that we have discussed the design features of this beautiful invention, the next thing needs us to describe its functions which make it so popular in the tech industry. When we said earlier that this phone is a pocket-sized doctor which accompanies you everywhere, we meant it that way. Touch Sense has built-in sensors which scan your body and tell you about your health conditions, within seconds.

The rear end of the phone is installed with sensors which scan your body and detect if you have any diseases. This includes minor skin sickness to huge problems like heart diseases and others. When you scan your body, it finds symptoms, matches them to the online database, and tells you about your medical conditions, along with their preventive measures.

The information it uses to generate results about your medical criticalities is placed on a default app. The app has detailed information about medical conditions, their symptoms, and possible treatments. This device is worth all the money it costs to come into your possession, nothing beats your health.

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