Two in One – Aroma and Bells


It is not an uncommon to find wind chimes in people’s homes. You can often see them hanging outdoors at the front, in the backyard, the balcony and indoors as well. Wind chimes come in various designs and styles. They are appreciated for the soothing bell sound they make with the impact of wind. Moreover, they add to the aesthetic of the place you live at. They can make a great part of interiors.

Now, on the other hand, we have the ever increasing wonders of technology. It always surprises us when scientists and tech nerds keep coming up with new developments. We have reached a point where it is difficult to find any field of life that has not been affected by technology. Everywhere we look at; we can find some involvement of it.

Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that something as minor as a wind chime has also been combined with technology. The result is brilliant. With the aroma bells, not only can you enjoy the soothing bell sounds but breathe in refreshing fragrances as well.

Aroma Bells Air Purifier

This amazing design from Kim Edo combines the charm of wind chimes and an air purifier to bring us an enhanced accessory for the home. The design is similar to that of a pull light button. The upper part features a lamp like structure while from the middle of it hands the wind bell. Inside the wind bell, there are aroma amples.  These aroma amples give off the aroma according the user situation when the user puts in the desired aroma ample.

The Design

The design of the aroma bell is quite simple but elegant. It is something you can easily accommodate within your home and it blends with the rest of the décor. Along with purifying the air allowing you to breathe fresh, the aroma it dispenses creates a soothing environment for the home.

The aroma bell is an intelligent invention. It is a great use of technology to enhance something as simple as the wind chimes. This intelligent use of technology allows us to experience an enhanced version of the functionality provided by a simple wind chime. Not only does it makes a great aesthetic addition to your living space but allows you to breathe fresh air.

This is a definite fit for a modern home.