Walli: is This the Smartest Wallet That You Can Ever Own?


There is another ongoing attention-seeking campaign on the Kickstarter and it’s not about crowdfunding a gizmo, but rather a wallet that promises to be the smartest one around.


When you look at the design and built quality of the wallet, it’s actually quite fine. Made out of real leather (apparently) with three different colors (Black/Blue, Blue/Tea, Black/Grey), it really takes diverse taste of the customers into consideration.


But what’s Walli all about?


The idea is very intuitive. There will be no more leaving behind wallets or finding the car keys. You won’t be losing your credit cards or cash. Because Walli stays connected to your smartphone with a bluetooth technology.


Those days of going to DMV for a new driver’s license are long gone, because you won’t be losing your cards ever again. But how did Walli made that possible?


Walli will alert you on your smartphone whenever you will leave a card behind. The wallet  connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and sends instant notifications whenever you will move too far from it.


Your cards are protected with Walli’s patent-pending SecurePockets technology that can monitor you card slots. If your card stays out of the slot for too long, Walli will inform you about the missing card. You can easily use you card for payments, because Walli allows you to set timers on the slots.


Sometimes, it’s not your wallet but your smartphone that you aren’t able to find. So if your phone will be within 100ft range, Walli can set off an alarm on your phone, even if you have put in silent mode. You just have to double tap on your Walli.


The wallet has six slots for cards and two cash pockets. There is also a zipped coin pocket too. Every Walli is made out of genuine leather that’s dust-proof and durable. Also, you won’t have to charge your Walli, because single coin cell battery can easily last for 6 months.


Walli is available in different packages starting at $79 for the basic Walli. The bundle prices go up to $299 for a pack of 4. There is also a travel Walli that’s available for $119. You can also pledge Walli with KeyFinder for $99.


The only downside with Walli is that the card detection works only with a single pocket. This is something that isn’t clearly mentioned on the company’s Kickstarter campaign and the only reason for the people’s disappointment.