Zeeq – a Smart Choice


Pillows cradle your body and furnish you with a unique sleeping experience. Choosing the right pillow for yourself is important. More than comforting yourself in bed it is important to take notice of whether it supports the complex structure of the head, neck, shoulders, back, spine and hips.

How do you describe comfort? A good lift and support for your head and neck. To relax your muscles and allow an ultimate sleeping comfort; waking up refreshed for the next day ahead. Bad options can aggravate headaches, neck and shoulder pain and arm numbness. Pillows help keep your body aligned while you are sleeping, alleviating pressure and balancing all parts of the body. You need to choose a pillow that suits your sleeping style.

ZEEQ sleeps with you! It responds to the data it records. You want to relax, lie down and listen to some music to soothe your muscles, ZeeQ is the perfect pillow for you. It allows you to choose songs from your favourite sources and listen to songs of your choice, making you sleep. For a soporific sleep time, ZEEQ has a sleep timer that allows you to set the music where it can stop automatically and you can sleep peacefully. It also has got you some amazing beats and relaxing tracks to make to fall asleep faster and enjoy your dream journey.

ZEEQ hears you snoring! It reacts to what it records! It will react to snoring and vibrate your pillow to allow you change your position. The finest material it’s made with provides you with a pillow which is the best product, technology, and comfort. The fillings pillows have vary in the support level. But ZEEQ decided that individual comfort and support is of utmost importance. Thus, it cases itself in a smart and comfortable shell with flexible electrical components that cannot be felt. You won’t even know and ZEEQ will improve your sleep patterns and habits. ZEEQ shows you your sleep data. How amazing is that? Ever heard of something like this? Your sleep cycle is being recorded! How many times you snore, change positions; you’ll even know how deep you were in your sleep. It records the data and analyses the quality of your sleep. You can link it to your smartphone app. The best part is that you can also keep a track of your exercise, diet and other habits that affect your sleep. ZEEQ wears Tencel. The uniform is made from a wood based fibre that hinders bacteria naturally. Also, it is removable and washable. Watch your patterns and habits changing siesta.

So, grab this pillow and sleep tight!