Dry and Clean: a Concept Towel Dryer by Puredesign

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How long does it take for your towels to be completely dry? It obviously depends on where you stay and how you dry your towels. Those living in tropical climates will have their towels dried much sooner than those living up north. Also, those who opt for outdoor drying will get the benefit of the sun’s heat which is ideal for natural drying and the ultraviolet rays of the sun that is good for cleaning or disinfecting the towel.

Towels need to be clean and yet they are not as clean as you would want them to be. Towels are not attended to with as much focus and vigor as they deserve. Most people are pretty casual with their towels and they just hang the towels in the bathrooms or just drop them in a basket to get dried on their own. Such practices are not just ineffective but they are unhealthy. By such practices, you would be encouraging bacterial growth and you would be causing substantial deterioration as well as wear and tear to the towel.

For clean, dry and fluffy towels, you should consider using devices like Dry & Clean. Developed by PureDesign, Dry & Clean looks like a hanger of sorts but it is loaded with a turbine. The mini turbine is capable of pumping out hot air and it also uses ultraviolet light which disinfects the towel. In effect, your towels would dry up sooner than you think, they would be clean and disinfected and they will smell good. Have you ever smelled your towel and got a stinky odor? Have you ever felt the bristles of the fabric and they have appeared hardened or stiff? All this happens because of improper drying and cleaning of towels.

With Dry & Clean, your towels will be safe, fresh, dry and they would feel nice as well. Who doesn’t want fresh towels that smell nice and get dry quickly or remain dry whenever one has to use them? With the physical appearance and attributes, the intended purpose and the efficacy with which Dry & Clean attends to drying and cleaning your towels, there shouldn’t be any ambiguity as to whether you need it or not. Of course, durability and price will be a concern and any person will make an informed choice. But from the perspective of utility, Dry & Clean makes ample sense and is certainly a promising product.